Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dog walks, a dodgy knee and judging stories

I am officially worn out. Every now and then, my knee decides to play up. It’s more annoying than anything but this time, I have a dog to walk. Raffy’s also managed to kick his toy under the sideboard three times in ten minutes which meant crawling about on my hands and knees, trying to poke it back out with a long handled duster (which Raffy thinks is another great game and my knees, they don’t think much of it at all).
I’m off to see The Wind in the Willows at WYP tonight so at least I’ll get a sit down. 
I can leave dogs for several hours, once they’re settled in and providing the owner’s happy about that which Raffy's is. he'll curl up in his bed and go to sleep. 
I sent the list of NAWG short story comp winners off today. I don’t know when the results will actually come out as I assume they have paperwork to sort out at he other end. I found it quite hard, choosing a winner. Sometimes an entry shines out straightaway but this time the whole process was slower.  I think I’ve  chosen the right one….
The fact is, if I read them all again in a month’s time, the result might be completely different. Judging is, and has to be, a subjective art.
I typed up another new story earlier. I think it has potential, but right now I’m not sure whether it needs another aspect to the plot or whether it’s OK as it is.
I have another story ready and waiting, in other words, drafted in pen and paper. It’s a ghost story, but I can’t decide whether to write it up for the club competition or for Fiction Feast. I guess the answer is – do both. It will have to be tomorrow though, between walking Raffy and getting my hair cut, oh, and I want a quick look round town too. Looks like the weekend’s going to be a working one, again.

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