Sunday, 25 November 2012

Busy day yesterday

Yesterday was long and busy. I went into town at ten and spent 45 minutes with a singing group to say what they were about, then went off to Leeds Writers ghost workshop where I stayed until 3.30. There was only a 30 minute break for lunch so I didn’t have time to look round the German market once I’d queued to get something to eat (a rather  tasty rye bun with hot ham and onions).
 After the workshop, most people headed to the pub. I then had to decide whether to join them as a ghost walk had been arranged to start at five. In the end I decided to stay as I don’t get much opportunity to socialise with people from the group as I seldom bother going to manuscript evenings. I learned that quite a few other people have been complaining how deadly dull those meetings can be so maybe, just maybe, something will be  done to change that (one day!)
By the time five o’clock came round it was raining. It was still raining two hours later when the walk finished by which time I was cold, very tired, and hungry (note to self, having a cloth bag is NOT ideal in the rain).  It was so busy in town, we couldn’t find anywhere to have a meal. In the end I bought a ready meal from M and S and had it when I got home.Walking int he rai probably WASN'T a good idea as I sitll ahve a head cold.
I had a couple of ideas for ghost stories at the workshop, at least one of which I need to work on as there’s an associated competition for a ghost story.
Today I’m back working my way through the critiques for the NAWG competition.
Right now there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The problem is I can only do so many at a time, otherwise I start to feel jaded, so I have to keep taking breaks!

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