Friday, 2 November 2012

Dogs, houses and Valentine's stories

Last night, when I went to bed, I had to let the dogs into the garden. It was chucking it down. Woody would not go out. In the end I had to pick him up and put him outside the door where he did what he had to do, looking so forlorn it was comical. Snoopy on the other hand, just bounded out into the rain and came back dripping.
They could hardly be more different. Woody, the tiny dachshund has a bark like a big dog, and Snoopy the Labrador doesn’t bark at all. Woody’s not scared of anything, and will have a go at other dogs if he can get hear them. Snoopy is scared of the vacuum cleaner. 
They're devoted to ech other too which is odd seeing as Woody will any other dog he meets. 
There’s not much happening on the buying and selling front. I have another viewing for this house on Sunday, so that’s this weekend. It’s not as many as I’d hoped but I only need one.
Writing–wise, I’ve been editing a Valentine’s story. I would have liked to have let it stew a bit longer but February’s getting a bit too close, so I worked on it today. I couldn’t decide between two endings so in the end I wrote them both and sent them to Woman’s Weekly.  I’ve also had what I think is a great idea for a Fiction Feast story but I probably won’t have time to write it until after Weetwood Hall (I’m teaching a short story course. There’s another one scheduled for March, about ways to come up with ideas. Get in touch for details).
Back to the dogs. Their owner was meant to call when they got back but I haven’t heard. I just tried to call them but ther was no reply and the machine was fill of messages. It looks like Woody and Snoopy may still be here when the first couple come to view the house.
I  hope they like dogs!

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