Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Money can't buy me love

I don’t know what to say today. I thought that having money in the bank and being able to choose what I want to do for the first time in decades would make me feel happy but so far it hasn’t quite worked.
I have lots to do which is good but I can’t work all day and when I’ve had enough…..
The plan is that when I move, to get to know everyone in the street (relatively easy as it’s a small cul de sac). With any luck, one or two of them  will be friendly and at home during the day as what I would love is to have somebody nearby that I can drop in on from time to time when the blues threaten to swamp me. I don’t care how old or young they are. So long as they speak English and can make tea!
The time of year doesn’t help. Christmas is not the best  time to be on your own. I’m stockpiling plenty of TV shows so that I can fall back on the one eyed god if need be.
Writing tip. I know they’re dreadful sometimes, but Xmas specials and seasonal films are often worth watching just for the ideas they give us for NEXT year’s Christmas stories.
Raffy has just arrived, he’s a young border terrier, so I have company for a while. I also have a reason to go out for a walk twice a day. I’ll have to see if that perks me up.
Tonight I plan to read the long list for the NAWG competition again, then the first paragraphs of all the other entries to make sure I didn’t miss one that was good. With any luck the winner will shine out at me. I hope so anyway.

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