Thursday, 15 November 2012

Computer niggles

I couldn’t post on the blog yesterday because the computer was playing up. It took AGES to do anything. Word kept freezing up. I really do need to buy a new computer but it feels like so much hassle.
I spent yesterday writing up the notes from last weekend’s short story course. I’d rather people didn’t have to make loads of notes while they’re there as then they can concentrate on the tasks and get the most out of the weekend.
Last night was another quiz at Spice. As always it was great fun, even though my team came fifth out of nine (questions we didn’t get included where is the Kentucky Derby held, and what three words did Obama tweet when he was re–elected). As the quiz went on longer than usual, I splashed out on a taxi home rather than have to loiter round the train station for 45 minutes.
This morning, I’m back working on a short story. It’s giving me a few problems as the idea came from a short article. The story includes quite a few facts. As they came first, I’m having to put the emotional layers in later which is not the way I like to work. The first draft felt very contrived but draft four which I’m on now, is much better. It’s a balance between spending too long on it which might mean it becomes over–worked, or sending it off too soon and having it rejected because it feels too contrived. Obviously I also have to keep it to the right word count too which as it feels like a Woman’s Weekly story, means around 1000 words.
Right now I could murder something to eat. I’ve been a bit lax with my fast days and my weight has stayed the same for the past three weeks. It’s time to make another effort so that I can reach my target before Christmas. For anyone interested in this kind of thing, I want to lose another five pounds. On fast days, I am meant to limit myself to a maximum of 600 calories so that on other days I can eat as much as I like. The past few times I’ve had a ‘fast’ day, I’ve gone over my limit due to various feeble excuses like feeling stressed about houses not being sold and so on.
At the moment, I have no immediate plans to move. I’ve decided that once the money from the sale of Mum’s house comes through (tomorrow!), I’m going to start looking for a smaller house or rather one with a smaller garden. If I can find one at the right price, I can then move into it, and then get rid of this one,  at an auction if necessary. So it looks like I’m going to be here for Christmas. I had thought about going away but I now realise (it takes a while for me to figure things out sometimes!) that I need a period of calm and quiet to consolidate my recovery.
This afternoon, after crosswords, I MAY move my desk so that it’s facing the window. It’s about time as I don't like sitting facing the wall. 
Tomorrow, providing the money comes through on time, will be a day of low–key celebration. I had planned to crack open a bottle of champagne but I've now decided I want to be sober to enjoy the day and relish the sense of relief that I'm sure I will be feeling. I’ll probably end up having a meal down the local pub! Anything to avoid the washing up.

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  1. Congratulations on the house sale, Linda. Next post I want to hear that you HAVE moved the desk to face the window - no procrastinating now!