Friday, 23 November 2012

Still hard at work

I’m working so hard at the moment, my head is spinning. Mind you I do have a cold so that might be the reason.
Although I really enjoy writing critiques because it gives me the chance to encourage entrants (often it’s only something minor that prevents them from being amongst the prizes) it’s hard work, stuck in front of the screen for hours on end. That’s why I’m getting stuck into the job. Once it’s done, I can get back to being creative. It’s great to have so many things to do (and even better that I want to do them)
My next job, probably on Sunday will be to read the  short listed entries again. Last time I read them, I gave each one a mark out of twenty so I’ll do the same this time and see if anything changes. If the same stories come out on top, then I’ll know I’ve reached a decision.
Tomorrow there are several things going on. All of which I’d like to do even though I don’t feel up to going out.
Number one is the ghost story workshop; at Leeds Writers. I’m down to run part of it, but which part, when, and how long for, nobody has told me. I’ve also been invited to a singing day> I can’t sing at the moment thanks to this bug but it would be a great chance ot meet some of the people from the choir (I’m hoping to join in February). Plus as I’m in town, I want to look round the German market. In the evening, there’s also a ghost walk. That’s OK as I haven’t had to book and can turn up or no, but how the rest of the day will pan out, I have no idea. Much depends on how I feel when I wake up tomorrow morning.
I also had a chat with Anni who I met at the NAWG festival. She’s trying to arrange for me to go to Scotland and run a couple of workshops probably in May. I hope she manages to get the funding as I’d love to meet up with her again.

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  1. Hi Linda, Great to hear you are busy and enjoying lots of things again...long may it continue.