Sunday, 4 November 2012


 I didn’t turn the computer on yesterday (I can tweet using my iPod). The dogs left at ten which gave me two hours to clean up. It’s amazing how many hairs they manage to shed and where they get to not to mention the paw prints on the laminate flooring.  
The couple seemed to like the house but they found the garden daunting. They want to start gardening and if they buy my house it would be like jumping into the deep end.
The man didn’t seem keen on my hedges (neither am I). I have somebody else coming at 1.30 today.
Exeter still hasn’t completed which is starting to annoy me. I so want to cut that link.
After the viewing yesterday I started reading the NAWG short story competition entries. I’ve already found a few good ones so that’s promising although nothing’s actually jumped out at me yet. Sometimes a story takes a second read to grow on me.
This morning, I’m preparing feedback on stories sent to me by the people who have signed up for next weekend’s course at Weetwood Hall in Leeds. My plan is to give them written feedback when they arrive so that any queries can be dealt with during the course.
Now for an advertisement. I hate doing this, but my books won’t sell themselves, so as they say on Miranda, bear with, bear with.
For any friend who’s into writing, why not buy my Writers Treasury of Ideas? It will help them to come up with all the plots they wil ever need. It’s also great for groups as ther are exercises and themes to work to.
For all your other friends, especially those difficult ones you have no idea what to buy, how about HOW TO MAKE £10 IN TEN MINUTES. It’s all about producing readers’ letter, silly anecdotes and so on that magazines will either pay for or give prizes. You don’t need to be able to write as magazines often change things round. Anyone can do it. Just think how pleased your favourite uncle, least favourite cousin, best friend or work colleague will be when the present you gave them wins them a cheque for £25 or a case of wine.
Both books are available from my web site ( or on Kindle.
Right, that’s out of the way.
Now I’d better get back to work.

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