Sunday, 2 December 2012

About my ex…..

He’s the only close (geographically) friend I have and I wouldn’t want to lose him, but….
Sometimes he treats my house like it’s his and after a while, that really starts to get under my skin. Yesterday, for example. Once he left, I couldn’t even raise the energy to blog not even after spending an hour on the phone (that’s right, an hour) talking to Shirley, one of my friends who lives in Scarborough.
It will be better once he’s got rid of the second car that’s been parked on my driveway. Then he’ll have to arrange to come round rather than simply turn up.
Ideally, he’d live round the corner from me, in a house big enough so that I can pop round to HIS place, and he can feed ME, and I can drink HIS tea and coffee, and eat HIS cakes and biscuits. All I have to do is move, sell my house, buy a two bedroomed one  and rent it to him. Sounds like a plan.
Now back to work. I’m going to the club’s short story group next Saturday. Before that I have to read everyone else’s stories and do written feedback for three of them. I’m having huge trouble with this. Why? Because I haven’t a clue why the authors have written the stories. I’m so used to giving feedback which is market/competition related, I feel lost . There’s no point saying something critical if the story’s only been written for the author or their friends and family. I’m also just a tiny bit scared what they’ll say about my effort. It’s a Woman’s Weekly story with lots of emotion. Somebody who doesn’t read that kind of thing and maybe even hates that kind of story isn’t going to have much to say that’s positive. This is why I always tell people to take care who they ask for feedback. The wrong person can set you back. Believe me, I know

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