Monday, 5 December 2011

Staying in tonight - thanks snow!

Today, I went to see my CBT therapist, Rachael, which, although it went well and she is happy that I've made great progress after my sessions with Relate, still disrupted my day.
I fully intended to go to the Writers Club tonight, but it's bitterly cold, with snow and rain, and it's an uphill walk to the venue, so I'm going to have to give it a miss and make more of an effort next year (that sounds so weird!). It's a manuscript evening which I seldom enjoy. Much of the work read out is highbrow/literary/ meaningless to me, so I don't feel able to contribute much.
I’ve been on Prozac since mid October. Rachael advised me to consider coming off the pills by slowly cutting down the dose. She doesn't think the doctor should have prescribed them in the first place as they are meant to restore chemical imbalances in the brain, whereas my problem was my childhood and my ‘faulty’ thinking. I didn’t want to take them in the first place, but that was all the doctor offered. Rachael says I could get some nasty symptoms as a reaction to stopping taking them (I had side effects when I started too). At least I’ve been warned. I’d like to be free of the pills for Christmas if I can.
Tonight is the final of Only Connect, my favourite quiz show which is hidden away on BBC3 or 4 at 8.30. If you’ve never heard of it, try and catch an episode. It’s great.
Workwise, I’ve drafted letters to writers and other groups, offering my services as a speaker, workshop leader etc. I’ve also written to the owners of some of the dogs I’ve boarded this year to let them know I’m now going it alone – only the nice dogs of course!

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