Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feeling tired

I think I must have worked too hard yesterday because I can’t get back into the groove today. Of course, that might also be down to going out to the SPice Quiz last night and getting home late! My team came 6th out of 9, mainly because we were pretty useless at recognising celebs wearing Santa hats, or posters advertising Xmas films, like Dumber and Dumber, and others I've never seen.
This morning was spent shopping then tidying up and cleaning the house, ready for Jack’s visit. He’s the man who runs the cryptic crossword class. He was on Eggheads recently but because he wasn’t old in advance, missed half the programme, ringing people to tell them to watch. Luckily I had been recording Eggheads every day, hoping to catch him so today he came round to watch the bits he’d missed and write down all the questions his team were asked.
When he left, I played tennis on the Wii, then thought about getting on with the book, but I don’t think I have the energy. I’m self employed which means I can have a day off whenever I want, so maybe I’ll do that and get stuck back in tomorrow.
Worryingly, an email has gone round, seeming to be from me, but it isn’t. If you got one, please ignore it.

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