Wednesday, 21 December 2011


What a day!
It's the 21st December which is the shortest day, but it hasn't felt like that to me.
Another ‘funny’ email was generated by my PC so I knew I still had a problem. I bought Avast! as it was recommended as the best anti virus programme, ran a scan with it (over an hour) and STILL had a problem so I called their support number. More than four hours later they seem to have fixed it. I haven’t been able to work all day – I’ve had to sit in front of the computer, watching as a man on the other side of the world, operated my pc remotely. I just hope it’s OK now.
Fortunately, Woody the dachshund and Snoopy the Labrador are arriving tomorrow bright and early so that will help put me back into a good mood.
Computers !!%%&^&!%&%!&%&!%&!%&%!&(*&!)(_!^!^(!^”(^!!!!

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