Saturday, 17 December 2011

Being a couch potato and loving it.

I lazed around in bed this morning, as I wanted to finish my first read through of How to do everything and be happy (Peter Jones). Now I know what’s involved I can start writing lists of goals and so on and begin the task of working towards them, step by step.
My emails appear to have been hijacked by something nasty despite my using AVG. Luckily a member of my writers group knows about this kind of thing and is coming round tomorrow morning to see what he can do.
I hope he can fix it!
It took me ages to get started as Outlook Express kept trying to open even though I never use it. Eventually I managed to get Word to start and set to work on the book. I’ve just stopped having managed another 1800 words which was nearly double what I had planned to do today.
Now I’m off for a long soak in the bath. It’s the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight and I’m a HUGE fan. Lots of people, up and down the country, are having Strictly parties. I might have done that too, but my living room is on the small side. If I’m honest, I don’t want to have to miss a second, talking to anybody, which is why I’m having my own, private party. Anyone who rings my bell, or calls tonight, will not get a reply! This series has been the best I can remember thanks to the number of really good dancers who have emerged. I’d like Harry to win, but I can live with either of the others taking the crown as they’re all so brilliant.
Of course, the last two parts of THE KILLING are also on tonight. Luckily I’m able to record them so I can watch it tomorrow if need be. The problem is it’s been so good, I’m not sure I can wait, so I may just have to stay up late.

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