Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

I took the day off yesterday, not even turning on the computer. I think it’s good to do that every now and then.
This morning, I had to go to Boston Spa with my lodger to pick up some wicker chairs I’d won on eBay. I wanted one of them for my spare bedroom/hideaway. It seemed to make sense to visit the shops on the way home. I bought MORE tinsel and glittery things for the tree, and more cards as I was running out.
The NAWG results were emailed to me erlier today and it was great to see a couple of names I recognised had made the short list. Congratulations, Dan and Simon. Note to Dan, I really loved your story and trust you will be sending it elsewhere.
I squeezed in my half an hour on the keyboard and some time on the Nintendo Wii. I want to be fitter. After dancing for about ten minutes at the Spice do on Saturday, I was creaking all over.
The do was good, but….. Everybody seemed to be in groups, which I guess is normal for a Christmas do. I got ‘adopted’ by a woman who was four sheets to the wind and very loud with it. There were a good mix of people there, but it was impossible to make conversation, unless they were on the same table as once the meal was over, the music started.
I’m going to another Spice event on Wednesday – another quiz, where it will be easier to talk to people.
Tonight, I’m asking the questions for the quiz team. We’re bottom of the first division by quite a long way. I’ve only played twice so they can’t blame me! Privately we’re hoping to be demoted as Division 2 is a lot friendlier. Some teams take the whole thing VERY seriously. The quiz I set for the Mercedes do went down well so if you need any Christmassy questions, get in touch and I can email them to you.
Tomorrow, I’m getting on with the new book. No distractions!

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  1. I was very pleased on Saturday evening to get a phone call telling me I'd been highly commended at NAWG. It's great to get another shortlisting - you obviously have impeccable taste in short fiction, Linda! And, yes - I'm looking for somewhere else to send my story, ASAP.

    I hope NAWG consider running another competition next year - it sounds like they had a good response this time around.


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