Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

When I woke up, late, after another broken night, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the day. It’s so quiet without John, and knowing I can do whatever I like, is bliss, but very confusing as I’m so used to putting up with his interruptions. I’d intended to push on with the book, but I’ve now decided to enjoy the peace instead. It’s great not having to use the headphones if I want to play my keyboard.
He gave me SNUFF for Christmas (we’re both huge Terry Pratchett fans so he knows he’ll get to read it after me) so I took tea and porridge back to bed and started reading. It’s so good, it was really hard to stop.
Mind you, I do miss having John to play against (i.o.w. thrash) on the Wii tennis. Because I’m so good, the machine keeps giving me the same characters to play against and refuses to let me score get to 2000. It’s very annoying. Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you. You would need to own a Wii.
I think I have decided to work my way through all the magazines I haven’t got round to reading. There are at least 3 Writers Forums, plus 3 Fiction Feasts, then there’s the Christmas papers which I like to go through looking for ideas for next year’s Christmas stories. I might even watch the Wizard of Oz later.
I’m going to turn the computer off now. It’s still got some kind of problem as it’s still sending strange emails but I can’t face another lengthy session on the phone, trying to fix it. I hope everyone enjoys Boxing Day as much as I intend to do.
This is my first full day without Prozac and that has to be worth enjoying.

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