Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Coming off prozac

I went to my first Christmas do today – lunch with my local gardening club. I don’t usually have much to eat at lunch time and even though I chose the lightest things on the menu – melon to start and ice cream as dessert, I still came away feeling like I’d overeaten.
Apart from that, I haven’t done much today apart from designing and printing some score sheets for Friday’s quiz, and my half an hour keyboard practice. I’m missing Heydays again tomorrow so I can spend the day working. I can start going regularly again next term. I’ve put my name down for 2 lunchtime courses – one dance and one music. There are only a limited number of places so it’s wait and see if my name gets pulled out of the hat.
I’m cutting down the anti depressants I’ve been taking as I want to get them out of my system by January 1st, sooner if possible. I was warned this could be difficult – side effects, feeling ill and so on, but as I never wanted to go on them in the first place, I can cope with that. I need to know if feeling so much better is down to me, and my new ways of thinking, or the tablets.

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