Wednesday, 28 December 2011

No longer home alone

Yesterday I didn’t even turn the computer on as I wanted a complete break. Instead I I soaked up Christmas, reading dozens of stories and watching Christmassy films., jotting down any possible starting points for ideas for next year’s seasonal stories I ended up with about fifteen which is not at all bad.
For some reason, this morning I decided to remove some of the mould growing on the windows in John’s room before he came home. I’m not sure if the fumes of the cleanser got to me, but whatever happened I felt ill soon afterwards – a mix of indigestion, abdominal pains and bloating, which means I haven’t got as much done as I’d hoped. I managed to send three stories to Australia and that’s about it for today as just after lunch John came home, full of his Christmas break. He seems to have a great time. The crowd he went with (from Spice) sounded like fun. Some nights he got to bed after four a.m. Sadly he didn't meet any ladies he liked the look of.
In many ways it would have been nice to have gone away myself, but, and it’s a very big but, I have now proved that I can cope with being alone without getting depressed. I confess I DID feel a bit down at times, lonely, even a bit sad, but I expected that, it was Christmas after all, but it was nothing like as bad as it used to be.
The experience has shown me that I could cope perfectly well if John moved out so now all I have to do is hope, pray, wish, and wish again that he finds somebody and goes to live with her.
SOON please.


  1. I always knew houeswork was dangerous! Hope you don't feel ill for long.

  2. I'm afraid getting to bed at 4.00am in the morning doesn't sound like fun anymore. I'm sure you had a much better time.