Friday, 2 December 2011

Contract signed and sent

I took some advice from people with more experience than me, and was told the contract terms for my non fiction (writing based) book are OK so I’ve signed it and put it in the post.
I thought I’d feel more excited but I’ve always been a tad cautious. I’ll crack open the champagne when the book comes out and I have a copy in my hand. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes.
Soon I will need to figure out how to set up a decent web site without breaking the bank. I’ve been using weebly which is free and easy to use, but the publisher says I will need a web site with a ‘landing page’ so that I can encourage people to visit it to get a freebie of some kind. I find all this techy stuff very wearing and hope he can give me some assistance.

I’ve also taken the plunge and taken out public liability insurance so I can go it alone with the dog boarding. With renewing the licence, I’m already more than £120 down, but it’s either that, or risk never seeing Louis or Woody and Snoopy again. The thing I’ve found with insurance is that if you have it, you don’t need it. If you don’t have it, you need it. I told you I was cautious.
I have a story out in the Summer edition of Fast Fiction, the Australian mag I sometimes sell too. I know because a lovely lady was kidn enough to email me a copy of my story – thanks Glynis.
Tonight I’m going out to a jazz rock concert given by a local youth orchestra. I’ve heard them before and they’re good so I’m looking forward to it. It’s at the local church which is less than ten minutes walk way, so I hope it doesn’t rain.

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