Tuesday, 5 March 2013

We're finally talking dates

I have just finished putting my next guide for writers together on Lulu. I won’t put the details on here yet as I have to wait and check a copy first. Once that’s done, it will be for sale.
It took ages to proof read. I used to ask Jack from my crossword class to do that but he’s been so under par, I haven’t liked to ask him so I expect a few errors will have sneaked through. The observant among you will have noticed that my last post was entitled Egheads, rather than Eggheads. 

Whether this was a deliberate mistake or not, I leave to you to decide. The picture shows an amazing piece of street art I spotted while I was in Glasgow.

I can't go on The Chase (see yesterday's comments)  as I've already been on.

A week or so ago, I spoke up at a meeting of Leeds Writers Circle about my unhappiness with the way manuscript meetings have been run . The long and the short of it is that I am now standing for the post of secretary of the club at the AGM in a couple of weeks time. With any luck, I can help to bring the group into the 21st century.

My solicitor called today to talk dates, so it looks like the move may actually be going to happen. That said, he hasn’t come back to me yet with anything definite.
Ideally I want ten days between buying the new house and leaving this one. Then I can have carpets put down in my bedroom and office before the furniture lands. I can also get set up on broadband so that I don’t have to take a long holiday from my Writers Bureau work. Of course, until I get an actual date, I still can’t arrange anything. Fingers crossed it will all be over before the 22nd as that will be a year since my mother died.
At the moment, my fiction writing skills have vanished thanks to the stress of waiting to move but at least this time I know the reason why.


  1. Agree with L, you look very glam in the photo posted yesterday.
    Sorry to hear you won't be on Connect, it's my favourite quiz.

  2. Let me know when your new book is ready on Lulu and I shall be sure to advertise it on my blog, Linda - look forward to reading it.