Sunday, 24 March 2013

Back to work, very very slowly

I did some Writers Bureau marking today, the first I’ve done for a week. It was good to do something other than shift furniture and unpack boxes. Shame I’ve been struck down by a stupid cold. Mind you, it’s not that I’d be in the garden, pruning. I can’t see the garden for the snow. It does seem to be melting away now though. I just hope there’s no more to come.
Having changed my mind about which room to have as my office (!), I’m now set up in the biggest bedroom at the front of the house. I SAY set up, what I mean is the furniture’s in more or less the right pace but the paperwork – that’s a very different story. Chaos might sum it up.
I feel so rough at the moment, I have no choice but to take it slowly but I do feel as though I’m getting there. Right now, it’s time to think about food. After that, I’ll probably just crash out. It is SUNDAY after all. 
Sorry I missed your birthday, Caroline. I hope it was a good one. 


  1. Hugs on the cold, Linda. Hope your unpacking is over soon - I feel it will all be worth it for you in the end! I had a lovely birthday - thank you! Caroline x

  2. Hi Linda

    Good luck in your new home. I hope it soon feels more like your own and somewhere you can be happy.