Saturday, 9 March 2013

My new house has shrunk.

I went to the new house earlier and it seems to have shrunk. Haven’t a clue where everything will go – the garage probably.
Spoke to a couple of friends on the phone which cheered me up. I’m thinking of going to Caerleon this year as it’s the last one and will be a good chance to catch up with some old friends.
This weekend I was meant to be at Weetwood, teaching. I’m so glad it was cancelled as I don’t think I could cope with that right now. Although it’s fun it’s also very hard work.
I’m sorry that writing is taking a back seat at the moment as this is what this blog is MEANT to be about, but do bear with (as they say on Miranda).  I will get through this and out the other side, despite the best efforts of the solicitors.
I rewrote a story, rejected by Fiction Feast, and sent it to Woman’s Weekly but that’s about all I’ve managed.  
Oh well, at least I’ve got Spiral to look forward to.

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