Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Talking dates

Having become really stressed out and fed up waiting for definite dates for my move, I contacted my buyers and the lady whose house I’m buying so that we could talk dates between us and not have to rely on solicitors. 
We’ve now agreed dates. I just hope the legal side of things will now proceed.
I had no idea this move would be so hard. I think it’s not having anyone here to lean on. I've been feeling a bit trapped as I haven’t liked to go out in case an important call came through, and the stress has taken all my energy. Of course, once the dates a reconfirmed, I’ll have to run around like a headless chicken, getting everything arranged.
I might go and look at some carpets tomorrow. Then I can find out how much lead time they need. There are no carpet upstairs in the new house, it’s all laminate which is fine, but not exactly warm underfoot, so if I can have my room and the office carpeted BEFORE all the furniture arrives, that would be a great help.
Please let my solicitor confirm the dates before the weekend or I really do think I’ll go mad. I so want this to be over on or before the 22nd.

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