Monday, 4 March 2013


My trip to Glasgow was both good and bad. It made a change but it WAS hard work and very tiring. In the end I didn’t take part as the reserve (me) wasn’t needed, but I still got to meet my favourite Eggheads (Kevin, Chris and Barry). 
The photo shows me sitting in Jeremy' Vine's chair. 
It was a bit annoying watching the others getting their make-up done (yes, the men too) whilst I looked on but the meal afterwards was good and the journey to and from uneventful. The train home was crowded which I didn’t expect. Our team was scattered up and down the train so we couldn’t talk to each other. I thought I’d be able to get some work done but it was all so chaotic, all I managed to do was proof read my latest writers guide.
I was so tired this morning that I stayed in bed reading until gone ten. I read Lynne Reid-banks, The Indian in the Cupboard , from start to finish and really enjoyed it. I’ve marked some Writers Bureau assignments but apart from that, not a lot.
How did the team get on? I’ve been sworn to secrecy. They make everyone sign a statement then they film you promising not to say anything. Of course the good news as far as I’m concerned is that I can now think about applying for another quiz show……


  1. Nice pic; you look great.

  2. Glad you had a fun time, shame you didn't get on the telly. I saw in the Mail this week that "The Chase" are recruiting contestants. If you are interested then you need to go to for an application form. Casting for the next series is going on now. Caroline x