Thursday, 28 March 2013


I feel I’ve made some progress today. A man came to quote for clearing some trees and generally tidying the garden. The quote was so reasonable I said yes straightaway. He’s coming tomorrow- Good Friday –to do the work. It’s going to make such a difference. This garden has so much potential.
I’ve also placed an order for a new front door, almost decided who’s going to fit the other doors and window, and I’m pretty sure what I want done with the kitchen and who best to do it.
Best of all, it hasn’t sn****d! I can finally see most of my grass.
I had a lot of Writers Bureau work to do which was good as it gave me something to focus on while I shake off the last of this cold. I’m going  out for a curry later, with Spice. I’m not really in the mood as I stil feel a bit under the par, but at least it will save me having to cook, AND John’s driving us there so no hanging about at draughty train stations.


  1. Glad you a feeling better, Linda. Have a HOT curry tonight to blow away the last of the bugs!

    It's nice to put your own mark on a new house isn't it? I know when we've moved in the past getting things done around the place makes it feel more like a "home" and not just a house. Have a great Easter. Caroline x

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