Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday 16th March

I had two carpets fitted today which is great as it’s so much easier BEFORE the furniture arrives. I like laminate flooring , but when it comes to bedrooms, I prefer something warmer and softer beneath my  feet.
At the moment, I am in physical pain. This moving lark is NO fun and I’ve hardly started yet.  Of course it would help if I was fitter, and yes, younger too…
 Having got the keys from the seller yesterday, I went to the estate agent today  as the seller had left the central heating instructions with them. 
The woman coldly told me that they were with the solicitor who would be sending them to my solicitor. I was furious, why? Because 
1. She could have told me that either over the phone or by email. They knew I'd had to wait until half past four on completion day to get into the property.
2. She was abrupt.
3. She didn't seem to give a d**m. 
4. She couldn't even be bothered to smile. 

I've moved lots of times and used lots of estate agents. All of them, until now, have wished me happiness in my new home. Not Emsley's.  They have been rude, obstructive, dishonest, and incompetent.
I would strongly advise people to avoid them and the solicitors attached to them, like the plague.


  1. Take it easy Lindie, not too much humping of furniture - knickers to the estate agents!! x

  2. Been away for a week's holiday and just catching up on blogs! So I'm SO pleased to read that you have finally moved Linda (and on the 15th too, which *just* happened to be my 50th birthday - karma! ;o)) Hope everything works out well for you - you deserve it! Caroline