Thursday, 21 March 2013


I haven’t felt this shattered since, well never really.
I have bruises on my bruises and the house looks like Steptoe’s junk yard. I can hardly get to the kettle.
It hasn’t been an easy ride. One big problem is that I hadn’t realised how little storage space there is in the kitchen. There’s not enough room for even half my stuff. That would be fine IF I could store the excess in the garage but that’s had to take a n awful lot of my ex’s precious possessions (90%  rubbish IMO)
Monday was the main removal day. It snowed.  Then chucked it down with rain. Then it didn’t all get done so went over to the next day for the garden pots and yet more of John’s bits and pieces.
That night I slept not a wink. First I listened to the rivers of rain cascading from my gutters (more holes than several sieves), then when the rain stopped, I heard a sound like a drip then another drip, maybe 20 seconds later. The boiler kept coming on too which as it‘s in the room I was trying to sleep in, didn’t help. Eventually I found the source of the problem. The boiler was leaking. I wouldn’t have minded so much but the woman who sold me the house has put a large metal bowl under the leak so obviously knew there was a problem. The bowl was full and had overflowed on to the floor.
Luckily I was able to call British Gas who fixed it, eventually, but I will have to pay.
There have been other problems too. I can’t use the front door as it’s so hard to open/shut. The kitchen door which is made of wood has swollen so much, it takes two, strong men to open it. Result, I have to come into the house via the conservatory which would be fine if the door from the conservatory to the house worked, which it doesn’t….
The woman who sold the house to me tried to fob me off,  more or less implying that I must have broken the doors, and saying that she’d said something about the boiler (she hadn’t).
You might think I regret moving, but I don’t. In a funny kind of  way it’s good that there are things wrong as then I will have to fix them.  In my last house, there were large areas I didn’t decorate at all in the three years, four months I was there.  Now I’m so annoyed with the daft woman who sold me this place (long story which I refuse to bore anyone with) that it’s made me determined to change everything here, as soon as possible. I’ll have to recover first though. …..
I've just finished clearing and cleaning the old house ready for the new people - the sale completes tomorrow, the 22nd of March. That will be exactly one year since my mother died. 
It’s been a truly memorable year. A year that’s caused me so much pain and grief I will never forget it but now the good times are coming.
I can’t wait.

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  1. Good luck in your new home, Linda. I hope you will be very happy there.