Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday. Another day almost done.

This morning I had another call from Co–op Funeral Services wanting to do probate for me. Too much pressure. They don’t seem to realise that it’s not about money.
While I’m sitting here, waiting for the 16th to arrive, other people have been helping me by giving my book some much needed publicity.
Id like to say a special thank you to  Helen Yendall, another short story writer, whose blog can be found at Her blog is not just a really good read, she’s an inspiration with all her ideas and energy, especially when she’s about to move house.
I moved the furniture round in my den AGAIN today. I think, finally, I have it how I want it, but there’s no room to put the second freezer. It’s back to the drawing board – either keep it in the dining room or sacrifice the under stairs cupboard. Decisions aren’t coming easily to me at the moment as you can tell. If I had £10 for every time I’ve moved furniture since Mum died I could go to Majorca for a week.
At four this afternoon, Rocky arrived. He’s another chocolate Labrador, but he’s nothing like the lovely Louis. Rocky’s here until Friday while his family goes to the Harry Potter tour so that will help move the time along.
As soon as he goes home, I’m going to rip up the plastic fence in the garden (I had to put one up round the pond to stop dogs diving in!) ready for when the landscaper arrives on Monday. It will be so nice not to have to look at poles and fences. I just hope the weather is friendly.
On Saturday the plan is to go and have a look round Ikea and view an auction with John. I was meant to be going to an all day workshop in Sheffield based on Feel the Fear and D It Anyway, but had to cancel. The same thing happened tonight – I should be going to a Spice quiz but simply couldn’t face it. I’m OK with people I know but don’t quite trust myself with people I don’t. My emotions are too near the surface.
I’m going to turn the PC off now and take Rocky for a walk. He’s put on some weight since he was last here so I’d better make it a long one.

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