Monday, 30 April 2012

Not a good day so far

I’m having a seriously bad day.
Having spent ages trying to figure out the rules re care homes and so on (thanks to everyone who’s sent me links – most useful) I finally spoke to an advisor at Age UK who informed me that as next of kin, I have no rights whatsoever and Social Services can do whatever they like. It doesn’t matter that there was a home here for Mum, I still have to pay the bill.
Next step to see if Social Services did a care assessment and ask for a copy.
The man from the council who was getting back to me with news of the actual amount owing hasn’t come back to me yet so I’m not even sure what the bill is.
Meanwhile, I checked my bank balance on line to make sure I could pay for my next trip to Devon. When I did, I as overdrawn thanks to somebody taking  money from my account without my authority. So my card has had to be cancelled and a fraud investigation launched.  
Good news is the man has arrived to fix my bath. 
Oh yes, and the sun is shining.

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