Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another day passing

This morning, John was here so went for a good long walk at Roundhay park with Louis. Lots of lovely flowers, very peaceful. Killed some more time.
Only a week to go now and I’ll be on the train to Exeter. I’ve given up trying to get any proper work done. I just don’t have the energy.
I’ve written letters to my 3 aunts to say I’m sorry they’re not going to  the funeral and that they’d be very welcome. I used the excuse of asking if they wanted any photos of the family as I’ll be sorting through them while I’m in Exeter.
Now I think I’ll call Denis and see how he is, then go and have a lie down and see if I can squeeze in a bit of a doze.

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  1. Hello Linda. I hope you managed to have a rest. Grief, especially with 'added extras', is a process that can only be gone through at your own pace. However, grief counselling can help if you feel it's not within your control. x