Friday, 27 April 2012

Back to square one, but that's good!

Today, after getting no answers from the solicitor, I took the decision to sack them and start again. After making a couple of phone calls, I now I have more information than they came up with in almost two weeks, plus a named person at Devon CC I can deal with. Progress at last.
I’d gone with the Exeter solicitor as he knew the background to my mother’s case. I’ve told him I want to pick up all the paperwork when I’m Devon next week so I can ask another firm to take over. It means more delay, but dealing with him has been causing far too much stress – no replies, never there, ignoring questions, calling me by the wrong name (more than once), getting the social worker’s name wrong and not listing all the insurance policies to name just a few of the things that annoyed me. I feel more relaxed now knowing that I’m back in charge.
Denis sent me a key to the house this morning and we seem to be on very friendly terms. I think I’ve decided to keep it that way despite question marks over his honesty. If he will back me up, I might be able to negotiate with DCC over the fees as, so far as I’m concerned, Mum should not have been put into a home without giving me the chance to try and look after her first. There are other reasons too but there’s no point in going into them here. I will need to speak to Denis when I see him next Thursday.
I’ve been selling a few books via my web site ( – it was updated a couple of months back ) which is really encouraging. It’s also good for me as I don’t have to pay a hefty commission.
As it’s actually stopped raining for more than five minutes, I was able to go into the garden. I’ve decided I need to ask the gardeners to come back and do a bit more work. The lady is coming here on Monday to introduce me to her two dogs so that I can see if I want to look after them for her when they go away. I’ll ask her to give me another quote then. Also, I need to find now is lots of (cheap) plastic lawn/border edging to finish things off or the gravel will start to ‘walk.’
Now I need some tea. That’s the trouble with being on your own, no matter how loudly you shout, nobody puts the kettle on.  

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