Saturday, 28 April 2012

Something completely different

For a change, and because my life is a tiny bit dull right now, I thought this might be interesting. It’s a blurb for a new romance written by a friend of mine.

Could you fall in love with a double glazing salesman? That's the question posed in Closer! a new romantic comedy by prolific Pocket Novelist Julia Douglas.

"The title has a double meaning," explains the author. "The hero and heroine get closer, but a closer, rhyming with poser, is a salesman, as in closing the deal. As well as writing a romance I wanted to reveal all the tricks in the salesman's armoury."

Closer! follows the adventures of Jess who gets a job as a secretary at the Brachan Window Company - nicknamed the Broken Window Company - where she promptly falls for charismatic salesmanager Jared King. He has the Beamer, the Saville Row suits and, unfortunately for Jess, a fiery wife, too.

But in the "always closing never posing" world of high-pressure sales, nothing is as it seems. When the office is threatened with closure, can Jess transform herself from over-looked office girl to super-sales-woman, save the company and win her man?

Claiming to do for window sales what Glengarry Glen Ross did for real estate, Closer! is published by the Linford Romance imprint and available to borrow from libraries or to buy price £8.99 from Amazon or direct from publisher Ulverscroft on 0116 236 4325.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because 'Julia' is actually the pseudonym of Writers Forum columnist Douglas McPherson. He says this and I heartily agree with him : "There's a belief in the publishing world that women prefer to by books by women and men prefer books by men. It's why JK Rowling used her initials, so boys wouldn't be put off buying books by a woman. Closer! is a romance, so I thought, if it's good enough JK, it's good enough for me."

So come on all you male writers, why not try writing some romance for a change? You just might find that you’re good at it. Douglas certainly is.

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