Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Heydays is back and so is the rain.

Heydays started again today at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
It’s a  day of courses/talks/arts and crafts for the over 55s (sadly that’s me).
Today, the play reading session was taken over by the director and writer of a new play, NAPOLI.
It was amazing.
First we had lots of warm up exercises, then we had to choose a piece of clothing and ‘react to it’. I had a great time with a brightly coloured scarf which became all kinds of strange things, from fire to a shy withdrawn girl, to a pair of shackles and a noose.
I was meant to go to East Leeds writers this afternoon but in the end I gave it a miss due to heavy rain and a severe headache brought on by a strange bill from Devon C Council re Mum’s care home fees. A – it covers the period to 8th April, two weeks after her death, and B– it states that the amount quoted refers to  ‘temporary charges pending assessment’. I have no idea why an assessment hasn’t been done yet as Mum went into the home in May last year. I called my solicitor to ask their advice – voice mail - so sent an email. Nobody’s come back to me as yet, apart from an earlier email saying that my solicitor has booked a meeting with her boss to discuss my case.
The good news is that my emotions seem to have calmed down and I can now think about things more clearly. Hopefully, the solicitor will get back to me tomorrow sometime, then I may have an idea how the land lies and where, exactly, I stand.  
I’d like to thank all the people who’ve been giving me such advice and to say that I’m actually following some of it by being kinder to myself and taking the pressure off as regards getting back to my old, productive, self. Thanks especially to those who told me to consider the advice I would give a friend was going through the problems I’m facing. That advice was so helpful to me as I’m really good at advising other people but completely hopeless when it comes to looking after me.
I sold three copies of my book from my web site today which was also encouraging as I haven’t been promoting it much. One lady brought all three of my writers guides too ( I have a special offer on at the moment where, if people buy all three, they get a discount  – see so that was good too.
Now, I’ve had enough. Thanks to the drama improvisation which was followed by 45 minutes of a new movement class where we had to pretend to be water, I have aches all over the place (I am one of the unfittest people I know)  so all I want to do now is crasj out – and take a pill for this headache!

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