Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Running on the spot

I spent ages yesterday at Waterstones which, apart from giving me a chance to practice reading out loud, wasn’t terribly productive. It did get me out of the house though which was a help.
Today has turned into a bit of a mess. I had to go for my six monthly check up to the dentist which I HATE. Fortunately, he didn’t find anything wrong which was a HUGE relief.
When I got home, having impulsively bought a table at a charity shop, the gardeners had finished. I had no idea they were that close! Result, it’s not exactly as I wanted which meant getting stuck in moving barrowloads of turf so that I can change the shape of the flower bed. Right now, the bed is HUGE! I had to move the grass straightaway as it was in a pile and might not have survived.
I’m not going to be able to do the actual work until I come back from Devon which at least gives me time to think and decide exactly how big I want the bed to be.
I had an email from solicitor saying thanks for all the paperwork I sent them and that she now needs time to discuss the matter with her boss, and will write at the end of the week. I emailed back to say, PLEASE call me with an overview as I really need to have at least some idea of where I am before I go back to Devon.  
I still haven’t done any work plus I have a dinner shuffle with Spice on tonight (at least I don’t have to think about cooking something) which I really do need to go to having cancelled so much lately, so rather than try and get a few things done, I’m going to call it (yet another) day off and go and have a nice long soak.
Tomorrow morning, Heydays starts again – I don’t; want to miss the first session as it’s a great chance to catch up with people, then in the afternoon it’s East Leeds Writers at Seacroft library. I guess getting back to work will have to wait until Thursday  

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