Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Not too long now

I’ve had my first review for the new book on Amazon. It’s so good, I thought I’d share it.

9 April 2012
The Writer's Treasury of Ideas (Paperback)
This Book Will Be Your Bible!,
I'm a "writing guide" junkie, and I have about 50 at the moment....but, this book is now going to be my bible!!!!
You will never suffer writers block ever again if you have a copy of this on your desk!
My head is now exploding with ideas, I'm wondering if I will ever sleep again lol
Love it.....highly recommended!!!!!!
Vikki from Kent.

Reading that review cheered me up as I feel as though I haven’t been doing enough to promote the book due to circumstances outside my control.
I took a last minute booking for a dog today. His name’s Rocky and he’s another chocolate Labrador that I’ve had stay before. He’s not like Louis, but he’s no trouble and doesn’t get me up in the middle of the night either. He’s arriving tomorrow and will stay until Friday. It’s just what I need to help fill up the last few days before I have to go to Exeter.
I went to Roundhay Park today to use up some more time. I haven’t been doing anything socially, as I haven’t felt up to it, but that means I’ve been feeling a bit trapped in the house, hence the outings. Note to Rae, I think you called while I was out – sorry to have missed you.
On the way back, John took me to the local recycling centre (tip) where they have a shop to sell things that were dumped. I came away with 2 IKEA wall shelves that are not only in great condition and well made, they were only £6 each. I do love a bargain.
I have done a bit of writing today. I’ve drafted my Writers’ Forum column. I’ll print it off tomorrow and ask John to read it through  for me.  
To keep my mind occupied (I still can’t read books or write any fiction) I made another batch of my favourite lemon ice cream. It’s a pathetically simple recipe that produces the most amazing results. I also made strawberry jelly. For some treason, since Mum died, I’ve been craving sweet foods. Ice cream and jelly will go down a treat.
I watched yet another film last night – it’s complicated, starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. It was OK, but predictable and not half as funny as I’d hoped it would be.

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  1. Linda- I will put a review on Amazon too - just as soon as I've read the book! I've flicked through and love the bits I've read so far but I don't like to review until I've actually read it! Am sure it will be glowing, though!