Thursday, 19 April 2012

I need time to think

I’m back but not back if you see what I mean.
The state of things in Devon leaves much to be desired. Mum’s carer/partner/whatever  has not been honest with me about the financial situation, and I’m not sure what to do. Instead of paying for the funeral out of the joint account, he’s arranged for it to be paid from another of Mum’s accounts. He even put the cost of the flowers on the bill so in effect, she has paid for her own bouquet.
I also have to decide what to do about the money owing. The council has been paying the care home fees so there is a huge bill. What I don’t understand is why they weren’t taking any of Mum’s pension. When my father went into a home, Mum had to pay half their joint income each month towards the fees. As Mum’s state pension has been going to Denis or into the joint account, it’s his now that she’s gone. If he’d offered to pay half the funeral costs I would have been happy to let it go. As it is, I don’t know what to do for the best. I’ll need to gibe it some serious thought.
It’s still raining too which is annoying (see yesterday’s post) but at least I have my crossword class to go to.
Right now I’m wondering if I should have cancelled my book launch as I feel like an emotional wreck, but it might do me good, especially if plenty of people turn up. If they don’t I can do a tour of the charity shops. I noticed there are one or two in Street lane.
Final reminder – 11 a.m. Saturday 21st April, Philip Howard Books, 47 Street lane, Leeds, LS8. If you can get there, I’d really really love to see you.

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