Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What went on in Liverpool

I finished going through the pdf of the book, typed up a list of all the things I wanted changed and sent it off. I’ll give the publisher a day or so then call him to see what he made of my cover design!
A copy of Irelands Own with one of my stories arrived this morning. That means I can send him another one. He only lets me send him a new story when he’s used one of the ones he has in stock because he gets so many submissions.
Right, that trip to Liverpool. I could write this – the coach was an hour late, the driver insisted on playing unfunny tapes, when I got to Liverpool it was freezing. My room was next to a lift shaft so I didn’t get any sleep the first night. I had to change rooms but the new one was far too hot, so I still didn’t get much sleep, the food was dull, plus we had to eat dinner at 5.30 and get up at 7.30 for breakfast, even on the Sunday! I didn’t think much of the Beatles experience and it was too cold to go on a river cruise, plus the coach left at half one on the Sunday, earlier than I’d expected.
All the above is true, but thankfully it was the new me who went on the trip – a new me who didn’t expect things to be perfect.
These are just some of the highlights.
Playing a giant piano like the one in the film BIG, pavement art, the amazing variety of artwork at the Walker Gallery, the John Moore prize winners (modern art), sculpture on the roadside, plenty to eat and free wine to wash it down with, a quick tour of both cathedrals, a tour of the Tate where I was delighted to find a Dali I hadn’t seen before, Matisse art books and some very peculiar modern art, then on to the Slavery Museum where I listened to the blues. On Sunday, a quick visit to the glorious World Museum with its aquarium and Bug House (right up my street) and a wonderful Natural history section to rival anything I’ve seen before, plus floors of other stuff including Mummies. All the above, apart from the Beatles experience, were free to enter. I had the best time, and will definitely be going back. I only had time to do a quick sample of each place so next time, I can linger. Only one real problem, I went for a break, and came back absolutely worn out and exhausted!

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