Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A day of firsts AND story sales

I went to Heydays this morning when I should have stayed home. I really wasn’t in the mood. I snapped at the man on the desk when he pointed out that my membership only had a week left to run.
For the past few days, all I seem to have been doing is moving furniture. The good news is that John is sleeping at his place for the first time tonight, the bad news is that I feel very down. Luckily there’s more good news – the first daffodils from a £1 bag I got from Lidl’s are out, the first frog spawn of the year has been laid in the small pond, and I have two more story sales to The people’s Friend.
It’s ten past eight. My publisher has just emailed the amended pdf of the  book and the cover/blurb which I need to approve so he can hit the print button but I really can’t face going through it now. I need a cup of tea, and a slump in front of the TV with my wasgij (that’s a strange jigsaw where the solution is NOT the picture on the box).

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