Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Short Story Day

Today, was a dedicated short story day, so I sat down to write something for my one of my Facebook groups monthly competition, theme The Race (short stories of 250, 700 or 1000 words). I drafted two stories which I’ll work on tomorrow. I don’t think either of them are suitable for a magazine which is a shame. I also drafted one for my Heydays homework. We had to write a short monologue from the viewpoint of one of Carol Ann Duffy’s World’s Wives. There were lots to choose from, I ended up picking Mrs Lazarus. My idea is that she is not quite so happy at having her husband raised from the dead as you might expect. What happens in the original poem, I have no idea. I also rewrote a story for Fiction Feast, and found my February sub for My Weekly which needed lengthening to fit their rigid word count requirements. I also started rewriting a second story, also for FF which I should get done tomorrow. The other thing I did was wash the covers from the sofa and chair I bought on eBay. Boy did they need it too. It started snowing at lunchtime. Everything is buried under a thick white layer. I hate snow. I thought we’d got away without having any this winter. Seems I was wrong. I just hope it’s gone by Friday as I don’t fancy Liverpool on ice.

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