Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday 28th February 2012

The tour of Leeds Town Hall yesterday was worth every penny. Glorious from the OTT Victorian architecure to the fascinating cells and courts. Afterwards I grabbed a quick meal then went straight to the Writers Circle ideas evening.
I wish I hadn’t bothered. Lots of talk, lots of moaning, little decided, and no chance to make the suggestions I wanted – eg. So something different at the Monday meetings, every now and then.
They’re finding it hard to get people to do committee jobs. I couldn’t help comparing the situation to that at Swanwick where you have to go to Swanwick 4 times before you can stand for the committee and then you face stiff competition from all the other people who also want to get involved.
My publisher sent the pdf of the whole cover today plus the text. I think he’s done a great job. The biggest surprise was the number of quirky illustrations inside the book which give it a real lift.
Lifewise, I’m still weepy. John is taking his time getting all his stuff out of the way so the house is still a mess. He has Virgin coming tomorrow afternoon and is round the house now setting up the computer desk and so on, but everywhere I look there are still lots of things that are his including umpteen large heavy tool boxes. I have nod idea where he’s going to put them, but as they say, it’s not my problem. I’ve let him carry on using the garage and the loft, in exchange for help walking the dogs who come to stay, but knowing John, he’ll want more. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, or sent good wishes. I really appreciate it.
Now for an advertisement. Some people from my Writers Club have started a weekend for writers/reader/ anyone interested in books.  It’s called the OTLEY WORD FEAST and runs from 9–10 March in Leeds. See www.otleywordfeast.org.uk  There are loads of great events including Iby Knill talking about her experiences in the second world war. Her book, THE WOMAN WITHOUT A NUMBER         was featured in the BBCs programme, My Story. She’s well worth a listen. Please, if you have any contacts in this area (Leeds/Yorkshire), could you let them know about the weekend?

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