Thursday, 16 February 2012


I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever find time to do any actual writing ever again! Today was swallowed up by sorting through photos to find the right ones for the new web site, then transferring them  all on to the same disc. Next I have to work on a biography and an ‘about the author’  page for the book, together with a list of al the mags I’ve been published in, and the details of my other books. I’ve manage dot give Louis a few hugs. He settles in so quickly. I don’t think he cares whose house he’s in so long as there’s food.
Again, I’ve run out of time. It’s the judging of the memoir competition at my writers circle tonight (they normally meet on Mondays but tonight is the only day the judge is free) . I should go as I’ve entered although it’s unlikely that I’ll win anything as my memoir is a bit dark. Shame it’s cold dark and threatening to rain, but I really should try and make an effort. Oh well, in that case, I guess I’d better sign off….

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