Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cover done

Another unsatisfactory day thanks to being below par. That said, managed after a few more tweaks, to get the cover sorted for the book.  It’s going to sell at £12. My publisher suggested wants me to sell it at full price via my web site, offering an extra something to make up for the price not being discounted as it doubtless will be on Amazon. The idea I’ve come up with is an eBook (nothing fancy, just a pdf I can send to people by email) about entering short story competitions. If anyone can think of an alternative bit of added value that I can offer, please let me know.
This afternoon, a woman from The Dog House came to see me. She looks after dogs on a bigger scale and was looking to expand. As she would pay me slightly more than I get now, doing it myself, I’m definitely interested. That said, I don’t want to do too much as some dogs make it difficult to work when they stay here – need lots of attention and so on. I will have to see what she offers me. Tonight I should have been going to a Chinese dinner shuffle with Spice, but had to cancel due to this bug. John’s gone by himself which means I’m on my own (with Louis of course). It’s a shame I don’t feel well enough to take advantage of that fact.
I’m going to miss Heydays tomorrow too. I’m hoping if I manage to get some sleep tonight, I might start to feel better. If so, I might be able to get some work done.


  1. What a brilliant cover - that woman crying is she based on me? xx

  2. I LOVE the cover Linda :o)

    When is it out?