Monday, 6 February 2012

Start of a busy week

I have been asked about running a weekend course aimed at short story writers so I need to put together an outline that’s so good, the organiser takes my arm off. I have lots of ideas, but I was wondering if anyone who reads this blog could help me. What would you want to see on a course? Are there any questions you want answered? What kind of exercises have worked for you in the past? Were there any that didn’t? In short, any feedback, hints, tips are very welcome. My email address is or you can leave comments here. Many thanks. It’s the start of a crowded week (at least as far as I’m concerned!). I’m out tonight, tomorrow I have to go see Rachael, attend the Good Neighbours Volunteers Lunch, then run the mind games/quiz group, Wednesday is Heydays, Thursday I have my crossword class, then Friday I’m off to Liverpool for the weekend. In the old days, this kind of activity would have sent me into a blind panic, and I would probably have cancelled a couple of things. Now I still feel a bit wobbly, but I know, if I stay calm, and think clearly, I can handle it. Just, please, make the snow go away!

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  1. Hi

    If I was to do a short story course now, after having been to a few in the past, I would like advice on how you target stories for specific markets / magazines. It's so frustrating after having studied the guidelines and several copies of the mag, to send a story off you think would be perfect, only to get it back saying not for them and refering you back to the guidelines. (If that makes any sense).

    From my own experience, pictures are always good for a writing exercise, and giving people plenty of opportunity for reading out what they have written and getting feedback, always valuable.

    Hope this helps.