Monday, 13 February 2012

technology's great, when it works.

I have a headache I’ve spent the whole day reading the pdf file of my new book, making a list of any changes or corrections I wanted made. I thought if I converted the file to Word, I could make the amendments myself, change it back to pdf and email it back to the publisher. Unfortunately, it took an hour to convert the document then when it finally finished, it had changed so many things – layout, letters hanging off line and so on, it was a complete waste of time, so now I have to type a list of all the changes and let the publisher do them. Why does it all have to be so complicated? The good news is I’ve reached the end of the book so all I have to do (!) is type the list. I'd been hoping to type up some notes about the weekend. I had such a great time in Liverpool that I don’t want to forget anything. I guess it will have to wait a bit longer because once I’ve done the work on the book, I then have some lessons to catch up on for my on line pupils, then I need to get the new web site sorted, THEN I need to work on my course outline for Swanwick…. The worst part of all this is, nothing I’m doing right now is in the slightest bit creative. I was meant to be going to a Spice New Members Evening tonight but the weather, my weariness from walking far too many miles over the weekend, plus this headache from staring at words on a screen for hours on end, have conspired to make me stay home. I don’t think I’ll be going to Salsa tomorrow either.... That said, it's great to be busy!

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  1. Well done on completing the book. As for everything else, live for the moment. x