Monday, 28 November 2011

Wrong size envelopes!!!!

After matching up envelopes and scripts, I found an extra 12 stories that needed critiques that hadn’t been marked with a C. I’ve just finished doing those. Now to stuff envelopes. Unfortunately, many people sent tiny envelopes which means that once I’ve folded the story and the crit, the envelope will be too fat for small letter postage. In case anyone isn’t aware, if an envelope is thicker than 6mm, it has to go as a large letter. Of course I could send the small envelopes, but the writer would probably have to pay extra postage, AND go to the post office to collect their work. I’ll just have to use bigger envelopes and pass the cost on to NAWG. It’s not going to much fun, more fiddly and annoying but it’s all part of being involved in competitions.
I’ve been asked to play in the quiz team tonight. Unless Jack comes out of hospital and wants to go to the pub and watch, I’ll have to get a cab to Garforth. I’d much rather not bother but if I don’t turn up, the team will have to play with one man short.
ALmost forgot, rejections from The People's friend came in the post.


  1. Not me - def sent right size envelope!

  2. I can't remember but I think my enveloope was the normal white type - sorry if not. x