Sunday, 13 November 2011


Saturday 12th November
I spent the day at a workshop called THE POWER OF ATTRACTION. It was touch and go whether I went as I still had a bad cough, but in the end I decided to get a taxi there as that would at least save a long walk in the cold.
The workshop was meant to focus on two books, THE SECRET and THE POWER OF ATTRACTION but the Secret was hardly referred to. The workshop was about positive thinking, how our beliefs get in our way, and the power of language. I didn’t’ get much out of it mainly because when I tried to speak in anything more than a whisper, I started coughing, but what did strike me was how negative many of the people were. I would have thought that, for one day at least, they could have tried to embrace ethos of the workshop.
I went with my lodger, John and was very annoyed when everybody thought he was years younger than he actually is, and that I was older. I know I don’t look well, but….. What I’d really like to do is find a decent hairdresser who can advise me on what hairstyle would suit me best. I have no idea whether I should go short or long, fringe or not, pulled back, or over the ears. I’ve never taken much interest before.
As it was a bright day, we walked back to the train station via the German Christmas market. I love the market. It’s a riot of colours and smells. I bought 3 beeswax candles, two of which I’ll light on Christmas Day. The third, an angel, I will keep.
I decided not to even try and do any work and have the whole day away from the computer for a change. This morning, it was back to working on the critiques for the NAWG short story competition. They seem to be taking ages to do although the pile is going down. I’d rather get them out of the way before tackling anything else.
I had a blip with Facebook on Friday. I couldn’t access my pages. It seems to be OK now.

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  1. Well done you for being positive. Hair - try a light brown as for a style, like you say consult an experienced stylist. Not some old fashioned 'have a perm' one woman salon. x