Friday, 4 November 2011

Feeling more productive

Quite a productive day all round.
I’m making the spare bedroom into a den/hideaway. The furniture’s been moved and the bed stood on end. I’ve painted a shelf and filled some holes. Next week I’ll look for a comfy chair. I already have a do not disturb sign for the door.
My novel THE MAGIC OF FISHKEEPING arrived from the (German) publisher today, and it’s for sale on Amazon. Sadly the price is ridiculously high so nobody will want to buy it but there’s an ebook version coming soon so with any luck that will sell. Whatever happens, I’m glad to have put the book to bed at last.
My first Kindle book, launched with the help of Byker Books, goes on sale on the eleventh of this month which is exciting. They want to publish more of my collections, and the writers guides so I’m going to give it a try and see what happens.
It was so mild this afternoon, I ventured out into the garden and cut down the beans and peas and did a bit of tidying up. I didn’t do too much as I still have a stubborn cough, but I felt I’d achieved something. Found some sweet peas to pick too as well as some seeds to dry ready for next year.
Tonight, I’m going to read some more competition entries from the NAWG competition. I’ve been very happy with the standard of the stories, that means I have to be think hard about which ones to shortlist. I’m so glad it’s been a success.

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