Monday, 21 November 2011

A proper writer AT LAST

Today I discovered that my book on writing fillers (prompted by the wonderful reception my workshop on the subject at Swanwick received) is now on sale on Amazon for £5, listed as writing guide no. 3 by Linda Lewis. I’d been expecting some kind of notification! That means I can go ahead and get my other books out there (giving them an ISBN etc). It will have to wait though as I want to get the corrections done on my autobiography so that I can market that more than I have been doing. I’m also working on a second part to it which will cover the do it yourself therapy I’ve been going through.
I feel like a ‘proper’ author now that I have a page on Amazon with several books listed. Overall, I’m feeling far more positive than I have in years which is odd as I haven’t written any fiction for weeks.
I still have this virus, hanging on like grim death. Cough or no cough, I have to go to the writers club tonight as it’s the judging of the story competition. I doubt I will have won a prize. Club competitions tend to favour more literary writing. I need to go to see if I really am feeling better, plus I want to get hold of a copy of the club’s anthology as I haven’t seen it yet.
I’m back using my Nintendo Wii so that I get some exercise. It’s one of the things that quickly goes by the board when I’m depressed so using it again is another positive sign that I’m on the mend.


  1. Excellent, brilliant and well done to you xxx

  2. Good for you, Linda! Glad to hear you're feeling more positive.

    It's odd, the Amazon effect - I felt so much more like a 'proper writer' after seeing my anthology listed on Amazon than I did holding the printed copy. Maybe it's because it feels just that little bit closer to having your book in the shops?