Sunday, 20 November 2011

The publisher said 'Wow'!

I sent the book to the publisher and he’s already come back to say that he likes it and wants to go ahead. Now I have to see what he offers in the contract he’s sending to me.
I thought I’d feel more excited about this, but I don’t. I guess I‘ve been waiting for good things to happen for so long, it’s hard to get very enthusiastic.
I’ve finished working on the NAWG short story competition so I can send the shortlisted stories to the committee tomorrow. I’m glad I don’t have to choose the winner. Often there’s one story that stands out, tight from the start but that didn’t happen this time, so I’m glad the committee have to choose instead.
Now I need to think about the next Club competition. It has to be a memoir so that means having another dig into my past. I could not bother to enter, but there’s a £50 prize on offer.
I’ve gone back to using my Wii this week. I like to do half an hour at least a day as it does get me moving about, but lately I haven’t felt like bothering. Weird when you think about it as I really enjoy playing, especially the bowling and the tennis.
Iv’e just called the hospital to see how Jack, my cryptic crossword guru, is doing. I’d go and see him but he has tons of visitors and I’ve still got this annoying cough and cold. He’s had the op OK but he now has a temperature which is a worry. He’s such a nice man I don’t’ want him to suffer any more than he has to.
Tomorrow, at the writers club, it’s the judging of the short story competition. Last year I came nowhere, which, as I’m by far the most published member of the group, didn’t do anything for my self esteem. I’m hoping that this time, I can be more upbeat, whether I win a prize or not. It’s time to see whether the pills and the do it yourself therapy, are working.

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