Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Technology rules, K.O.

Today I went to Heydays for the first time in over a month. Couldn’t face the creative writing session, so I went to play reading instead. Luckily for me they were reading Blithe Spirit which is one of Noel Coward’s best plays. After that, I had a quick look round the market, buying a new purse and a Christmas card for my lodger. Then it was back home via a couple of shops, trying to find out about e readers. I need one that I can download my own books on to which means I need to be able to download from Kindle, but can I figure out which does what? It’s all gobbledygook. I found one called the Kobo Vox Colour e Reader but nowhere does it say it works with Kindle, it also mentions having to have a contract with Kobo. I’m dazed and confused. I could just get a kindle, but if I can find something that also plays music, accesses apps, and has Wi fi, then I’d obviously prefer that, not having a lap top, a smart phone or a tablet. It’s all very confusing.
I’ve just been amending/approving my first 2 writers guides so that I can get them sold on Amazon. They probably won’t appear until 2012, but better late than never.
The contract from the publisher hasn’t arrived. I chased him and he said he’d been busy, but quite honestly, I won’t really be happy until I see it and KNOW what’s going on. Who’d be a writer????

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