Saturday, 26 November 2011

Working at half speed

Until this virus gives up and goes away, I’ve been taking it easier than usual, working part instead of full time. Today I uploaded my first two writing guides to Lulu with ISBNs so that, once they’re approved, Amazon will sell them. I will only make pennies on each copy sold, but I won’t have to do anything, as they market, and pack and post.
After that, I went to the Christmas Fair at the local church where I found some jigsaws and other bits and pieces, plus I bought a ticket for the jazz Rock concert on Friday week.
Then I put some things up for sale on Ebay as it’s free listing weekend. I found an amazing web site where you can download classical music for free, so I’m selling some of the music I bought as I shall never be able to play most of it and I’ve got the pieces I DO want for free.
Tonight, I get my Strictly fix. I’ve been a massive fan since series one and for me, this is one of the best, as any of the remaining dancers could win. I really wouldn’t like to choose who’s going to come out on top. Jack, my crossword teacher and tame proof reader, phoned to say he should be out of hospital on Monday and that I don’t need to go and visit him as he has plenty of visitors. I said I’d go if he had any gaps, but I’m glad there’s no need as I’d hate to give him my virus. If he comes out on Monday he’s already talking about going to the quiz that night. As I want to welcome him back, that will mean missing the writers club but that’s no big deal.

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