Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tomorrow is another day

Today will, I hope, turn out to be the day that my life changed its path. I’ve just finished a course of self–therapy which has been very hard but is already making a difference.
Today I also finished correcting the errors in my book about my mother. I now have to upload the new version to Lulu. I’d like to apologise to those people who bought the original, uncorrected version but I wasn’t able to face proof–reading it until now.
The contract from my potential publisher hasn’t arrived yet which is disappointing. I can’t help wondering if I should try to find an agent, but it feels a bit late in the day for that now.
I have the same dilemma with the book about Mum. Now that I have finished the therapy, there’s a whole new second section that I have to write in order to finish it off.
Any advice, gratefully received.
Tonight, to celebrate all kinds of things – books on Amazon, finishing the corrections, reaching the end of the therapy and so on, I bought a bottle of champagne, not the very good stuff, that can wait for the book launch(es) but it will do for now.

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  1. I will raise a glass to you Linda - well done x